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Shiv Nadar University is a private philanthropic multi-disciplinary research institution established in 2011, in Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR. SNU offers a range of undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs that inculcate an inter-disciplinary research approach in order to transform its students into well-rounded professionals, well equipped to succeed in the careers of the 21st century.

With a focus on an integrated multi-disciplinary curriculum, SNU’s vision is to nurture the leaders of tomorrow, by giving equal weightage to the infusion of leadership values, social responsibility and by cultivating a commitment to serve the community –to create efficient professionals, and responsible citizens. The underlying endeavour behind SNU’s approach to education is to support, foster, encourage and generate research so as to widen the horizons of knowledge. The multi-disciplinary module affords students mastery in a particular subject, yet it also enables them to support a strong foundation in other spheres of study. The university’s constant endeavour is to provide students the knowledge, skills and attitude required to succeed in today’s world.

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At Shiv Nadar Foundation

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At Shiv Nadar Foundation

“Here, our students don't just learn. They learn to lead.”